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Jamie Marie Wey 

Numerologist & Empowerment Coach

Jamie’s passion is helping people to see their magnificence. Her mission is to share her knowledge and gifts to uplift and inspire her clients o know their true essence, power and purpose. She wants them to honor themselves and their soul's calling.  Jamie uses Numerology & the tools of Coaching to guide the process of revealing her client's unique gifts.  She shows them how to use their personal power to gain insight into their life choices, relationships, and destinies.  She understands how important it is to find true alignment with your soul and your life purpose to create an amazing and fulfilling life.  She has the ability to see blocks or limiting belief patterns that keep people stuck. Jamie's powerful intuitive gifts and insights have helped her clients get unstuck for over 25 years. She holds a BS in Human Development and Family Studies from the Univ of Connecticut, a Professional Life Coaching Certification from iPEC, and advanced training in Numerology.  Jamie is a Reiki Master.

  • Life Purpose - Direction - Clarity 

  • Inner Growth & Spiritual Development

  • Love & Relationships

  • Empowerment & Mentoring

  • Career development

      "I started working with Jamie in May and by August my entire life had changed!  I was moving to a place I had always wanted to be, my business had taken off and I had lost 15lbs (without dieting-really).  Jamie is a powerful coach and her intuitive sense is just amazing.  She helped guide me through myself and helped me to pinpoint what I really wanted instead of what I thought I wanted.  Amazing experience, I am  very thankful."    - Barbara, Colorado



 "The thought processes I became accustomed to using and the beliefs I had about myself were all based on what other people thought about me.  Jamie provided me with questions and activities that allowed me to challenge my belief that I wouldn’t succeed. Although I had chosen to work on my organization skills and career choice at first, my interpersonal relationships improved drastically over just a short time. It seems that what we think of ourselves affects everything and the more you work on one area, the better everything is. Jamie served both as a coach, directing and guiding and demonstrating how to use new skills, as well as a cheerleader celebrating all of my accomplishments with me. Jamie is amazing at fine tuning and I would recommend her to anyone who just wants to have a little more clarity in their lives."    - Marie, Maryland

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