"Thank you so much for our Numerology session this morning. 

I loved it all and excited

about the new changes to come!"           

 - Jill, Pennsylvania

"The girls loooooved thier sessions!!! Thank you so much for giving them life changing self awareness and confidence and curiosity to know more!"

-Bev, Pennsylvania 

The Wisdom of Numbers

Numerology is the study of the symbolism, frequency and influence of numbers.  It is a spiritual tool that shows us that nothing is random. That our existence here is part of something grander than ourselves and that everything in the Universe is intricately connected.  It can be traced back to ancient civilizations and to the work of Pythagoras and his belief that musical notes have their own number associations and patterns. It is based in physics which tells us that everything in the Universe is energy and has its own vibration or frequency that can be measured with numbers.  These individual and unique frequencies draw specific characteristics, circumstances and experiences to them allowing us to see a predictable pattern within each number. Modern Numerology gives us an organized way to use the patterns of each number to better understand ourselves and the events happening in the world.  These numbers give us information about our own personal Numerology, our own personal frequency and how we show up in the world and the circumstances in our lives. It also gives us information about the energy or frequencies that are affecting all of us Universally.   

The Power in Understanding Your Personal Numerology!!

We are all unique. Just look around.  We all have our own characteristics, desires, motivations, etc.  Many would say that we were born that way and some would say that our life circumstances made us who we are.  But, what if all of our characteristics, desires, motivations and life circumstances were created by us-by our own personal energy or frequency and not by chance or circumstance?  What if our souls choose all of it before we incarnated this time around? What if we had a way to interpret this plan? Well, guess what? Numerology gives us the tools to do just that.  It is based on the belief that our soul had a specific plan for us in this lifetime and our personal Numerology is our roadmap to it all.

This roadmap empowers us by showing us what our soul intended for us in this lifetime.  Knowing this allows us to find our alignment with our soul which is the most powerful place to be.  When we are in alignment with our true self, our soul self, our divine self, we are unlimited and can create incredible things in our lives; the things our soul intended.  When we are in alignment with that, we feel joy, freedom, peace, and love. Because of life experiences or beliefs that we hold, many of us are only living out little pieces of what our soul intended and our lives can feel limited, hard and unfulfilling a lot of the time.    

Our personal Numerology gives us the power to change how we are living our lives.  It shows us how unique we are and that we have something special to share with the world.  We each have our own life purpose, strengths, gifts, desires, motivations and personalities, but also challenges or lessons to learn in this lifetime.  By understanding all of this, we have the opportunity to show up as our best selves; to embrace our strengths, to seek out our life purpose, to acknowledge our desires and to overcome our challenges.  We can achieve our dreams and reach our potential. We are being called to do this now more than ever!

To get started with your personal Numerology, learn how to calculate your Life Path Number on my Resources page. 

 "I would like to take a moment to thank Jamie for the time and energy she put into my numerology reading. I had asked Jamie if she could help my daughter, as she struggles with anxiety and depression. She was so eager to help, which she did. It was such a comfort to my daughter and she got so much out of her reading that I decided to do one as well. It was very insightful and really was an eye-opening experience. There were things I learned about myself and things that were reassuring as to the "why." Jamie is a very kind, compassionate, smart woman who has a very special talent. She really takes the time to speak to you about your personality and the reasoning behind why you are the way you are and ways to work with those numbers. She is very encouraging and comforting and explains all your numbers in great detail. She went above and beyond, and I would recommend this service to anyone looking for some peace, comfort and overall well being. Worth every penny!" 
  - Kim, Maryland

"I recently had my second numerology session with Jamie.  I remember feeling hopeful after the first session several years ago and just needed something like that now. I wasn’t disappointed!  Jamie both validated and confirmed things about my life, personality, and experiences that I thought were true, but always unsure.  The best message  I walked away with was “ fill my tank first and be comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Change is on the way for me and I need to learn to trust and ask for help! Thank you, Jamie" ️         

- Gretchen, California


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